Sheet Extruder

Sheet Extruder Feature:

 1)Screw with special mixing and plasticization function;

 2)Coat hanger type die with two throttle design enable to regulate the sheet thickness accurately;

 3)+/- 2 degree temperature control make the plasticizing process and sheet thickness control more accurate;

 4)Horinzontal,vertical or 45degree incline type three rollers calenders may be lifted freely;

 5)Exact slicing machine,board length and quantity;

 6)Winder with big torque motor,and its speed and tension force adjustable;

 7)Automoatic metering to set the length of product.

Plastic sheet extrusion line
Plastic sheet extrusion line
Twin Screw Plastic Sheet Extruder
Twin Screw Plastic Sheet Extruder

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